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Margurete Gold Project

Project Overview

Bedford Metals proudly owns a 100% interest in the Margurete Gold Project, located approximately 200 kilometers northwest of Vancouver in southwest British Columbia. 

Spanning 687ha in a historically gold-rich region, comprehensive exploration activities since 1986—including advanced geochemical surveys and targeted drilling programs—have positioned the Margurete Gold Project at the brink of a new era in gold exploration.

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A Rich Legacy

Building on a foundation laid by historic exploration successes, the Margurete Gold Project is directly connected to the prolific past of the Phillips Arm gold camp, close to the notable Doratha Morton and Alexandria mines. 

Leveraging historical data from the region’s largest gold producers and prior successes in mineral discovery at the Margurete site, which include findings of up to 6.18 grams per tonne (g/t) gold at the surface, our exploration strategy is informed by proven gold-bearing processes and geological foundations.

The Promise of the FB Zone

Our targeted exploration within the FB Zone has unveiled remarkable grades, resonating with the historic gold rush that once thrived here. 

This fusion of deep-rooted history and forward-looking exploration ambition highlights Bedford Metals’ aim to extend the region’s renowned legacy through meticulous research and innovative exploration strategies, promising a bright future for the Margurete Gold Project.